Guess it’s time to leave footprints outside of the U.S.

Since the beginning of this school year, I’ve been quietly planning a study abroad trip to further my Spanish speaking skills. It’s been kind of awkward having conversations about summer during the past months because I wanted to keep my plans on the “down low” for a little while until I was about to leave.

I finalized everything about two months ago, and I’m so excited to announce that I will be going to Argentina for six weeks from the end of May to the beginning of July! I will be leaving in about two weeks from today. I’ll be studying at La Fundación Ortega y Gasset taking two intensive Spanish language courses and be living with a host family. However, I have yet to find out who they are.

I’m so excited, and I can’t wait. My nineteen years alive, I’ve never stepped out of the US, so I’m so happy that I’m going to have the opportunity to learn a new language, understand a new culture, and meet new people. Despite my excitement, I am a little nervous, but I’m assuming it’s a typical sentiment one would have before advancing through such events.

The only downside is that for almost half the summer, I won’t be able to spend time reuniting with friends who are coming back from college, so I’m definitely going to have to make up that time lost after I come back.

Wish me luck!

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