Last weekend, I had the great privilege to be near the Andes Mountain in a city on the west side of Argentina called Mendoza. I have never been to Colorado. A lot of people compared this city to it, but if Colorado is exactly like Mendoza, I would fly there in a heartbeat. Being in Mendoza was just a nice change from Buenos Aires. You could feel that the air was a lot cleaner and walking in the streets was a lot safer as well. It was surprising because one could get sucked into the security of the city. We took a 15 hours bus ride from Buenos Aires to Mendoza on Thursday night and arrived Friday during the afternoon. We spent the day exploring the city and getting to know other people at the hostel, Jaquemate. It means checkmate! I would highly recommend this place if you’re ever in the area. It costs 80 pesos a night (about 8 US dollars), and a lot of the staff speak English as well. The next day, I had the experience in the mountains. We went hiking, repelling, and horse back riding, and it was just a marvelous experience to be in the presence of the mountains for such a long period of time. Sunday was just filled with walking around town, getting coffee at a café, and having lunch with some porteños. Getting to know other travelers from Buenos Aires was probably my favorite part. It was just time to understand Argentina and the people of it. And of course, it was an advantageous time to practice our Spanish. We left around 6pm on a 15 hour trip back to Buenos Aires to make it in time for our classes. ( I actually skipped class haha.) I wish we had a lot more time in this tranquil place, and I hope I come back someday! 10369231_889652867717557_1146216724302766377_n

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